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Feijen wins Eurotour French Open

February 24th, 2010

Niels Feijen successfully defended his title by winning the 2010 French Open.

In the final the merited Dutchman defeated first-time finalist Craig Osborne (England) 9-2. The victory was worth 5000. Osborne got 3300 for second place.

The semi-finals saw Feijen defeating Malta’s 2008 winner Tony Drago 9-5. Osborne overcame Dimitri Jungo (Switzerland) 9-3.

This was Feijen’s second win in the French Open and sixth Euro Tour win overall, from 11 finals. That puts him in fourth place on the all-time list, only behind the German trio of Ralf Souquet, Oliver Ortmann and Thomas Engert.

The win keeps Feijen in third place in the season’s first Euro Tour Ranking. Losing finalist Osborne improved from 14th to ninth. Souquet and Imran Majid (England) stay in first and second respectively.

The tournament was played 11-13 February 2010 at the Leader Billard Club, Paris, France. It was the first event of seven on the 2010 Euro Tour. Next up is the Italy Open which runs from 14-18 March 2010.

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Thomas Engert third in Germany

January 15th, 2010

Ralf Souquet wins the German Open from Imran Majid at the Billiard Cafe Die Drei at Sindelfingen – Germany.

Ralf wins 3 time in a short time the Eurotour and leads superior the Eurotour Ranking 2009!!
Thomas Engert and Michal Czarnecki became third.

Ed: 99 – 2009 – Sindellfingen, Germany – Diamond Nine / Dynamic German Open
1. Souquet, Ralf GER
2. Majid, Imran GBR
3. Engert, Thomas GER
3. Czarnecki, Michal POL

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Thomas Engert Team USA Wins Mosconi Cup 11-7 (Inside Pool)

December 15th, 2009

Thomas Engert Team USA Wins Mosconi Cup 11-7 2009 Mosconi Cup by emotionally charged final day at the 2009 Mosconi Cup, Team USA prevailed, winning the Cup 11-7. Team Europe put up a fight, but the massive 9-5 deficit they faced going into Sunday’s matches proved to be too much.

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Thomas Engert in World Ten-Ball Championship on November 25th

November 20th, 2009

Thomas Engert pool cue player along with a 128 pool cue players from more than 46 countries have their participation in the 2nd World Ten Ball Championship on 25-30 November in Manila confirmed confirmed. What is the hardest tournament of the year, “said Yen Makabenta, president of Raya Sports, the organizer of the WTBC.

All the best players in the competition, each large central pool in the world have a quota, and all the nationals and The regional winners will be there. With regard to the bowl of 128 players, the remaining 10 seats are filled with more than 130 players in the playoffs yesterday WTBC Star Billiards Center in Quezon City, the challenge begins. Unlike last year, the WTBC it 2 a case of all men, and similar Ouschan of Austria, the waves in the last year to play well against the men lost.

From next year, players now have their own-10 World Cup ball. Leading the world the stars performances will be given 10-Ball champion Darren Appleton pool cue player, Great Britain, No. 1 in the world today, Ralf Souquet pool cue player of Germany, and recently crowned U.S. Open champion and winner in 2009 Money Leaders Mika Immonen pool cue player of Finland. But it A lot of challenges, including the Philippines.

The event is a total pot of $ 262,000. Appleton also members of the British contingent are: 2007 World 9-Ball Champion Daryl Peach a great pool cue player and Imran Majid pool cue player Scott Higgins pool cue player, Craig Osborne pool cue player, Karl Boyes and Jonni Fulcher both great pool cue player, Richard Jones, Phil and Chris Melling Burford. Souquet, 2008 world champion and gold medal from the 8-ball in the world Olympics, which the 9-man German contingent. The other is the former world champion Thorsten Hohmann and Oliver Ortmann, Thomas Engert, Marko Vogel, Christoph Reintjes, Ralf mouth, and Benjamin Zobrekis Klaus Heimmerer.

The U.S. quota of nine players are open and decorated former U.S. Predator 10-Ball Champion Shane Van Boening, former world champion Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Stevie Moore, Charlie Bryant, Shaun Wilkie, Charlie Williams, Shawn Putnam and Oscar Dominguez. Chinese Taipei nine players in the first two terrible time in the World 9-Ball Champion Chao Fong Pang pool cue player, money-DO King Yang Ching-shun LEDs shown, twice world junior champion Ko Pin-Yi Chang pool cue player and pool cue player Yu-Lung.

To see the measures Kuo Po-Cheng, Cheng-Tsung Hua Lu Hui-Chan, Che-Lee and Wang Wei Hung-Hsiang. Mexico for the hosting of this website were 11 players. They are led by Jeffrey de Luna (No. 7 in the world ranking), Demosthenes Pulpul (No. 8) The former world no. 1 Dennis Orcullo pool cue player, the reigning world champion, and Warren Kiamco the brand on an international activist Lee Van Corteza and pool cue player Marlon Manalo.

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Predator 69th World 14.1 Championship

September 10th, 2009

It took the likes of a player such as Mika Immonen to take out former World 14.1 Champ Thorsten Hohmann. Immonen controlled the match till the end, despite a late rally from the German. Oliver Ortmann easily dispatched USA’s Earl Herring and Scotland’s Jonni Fulcher to advance to the semi-finals of the Predator 69th World 14.1 Championship.

The Dragon Promotions revived event is in its 4th consecutive year alive with help of industry giants such as Predator, Ozone Billiards, Brunswick Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Master Chalk, Aramith Balls, Accu-Stats and the Laser Rack. Comet Billiards will host this year’s event which will start play on August 24, 2009 and end August 29.

Ortmann continues his reign of terror in NJ, again with another 100 ball run, today 124. This is his fourth consecutive 100+ ball run for the event. But he will face his toughest challenge yet, the formidable Mika Immonen. Immonen, a former European 14.1 Champ, has been on a hot streak including a recent 2nd place at The Mezz Classic 14.1 which included a win over Hohmann in Orlando a few weeks ago. This win may have given him additional psychological edge as he handed Hohmann a second consecutive defeat by his hands, eliminating this year’s hope of Hohmann regaining the coveted World 14.1 crown.

Immonen had faltered last year in the final 16, but this year had earlier predicted he would try much harder and bear down in the later stages. He seems to be holding true to his word. Many fans were hoping for a Oliver versus Thorsten showdown, but Mika seems to be the better man in 14.1 as of late. If Immonen wins, this would mark his second World title since his iconic win in Cardiff at the World 9-Ball back in 2001.
“This is an important title for me. To be the World Straight Pool Champion will prove to the world I am not a one trick pony”,said Immonen.

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Thomas Engert at the Patricks Austria Open

August 21st, 2009

Thomas Engert will be joining other top European Professional Pool Players for the next 9-ball pool tour event in Austria.

This Diamond Nine – Euro-Tour/ Patricks Austria Open is held this year in Rankweil, Austria.

208 Participants from 35 countries are represented and are playing for the prizes and ranking points in the 9-Ball Pool Eurotour.

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Thomas Engert Takes German 9-Ball Pool Open

August 11th, 2009

Thomas Engert has won the 93rd event of the Eurotour. It is Engert’s 9th Eurotour win since he won the second edition in 1992. In the final Thomas booked a very convincing victory against Fabio Petroni from Italy, trouncing the Roman Gladiator with nine games to one. The only one to sink the winning nine-ball pool against Engert in this tournament was Jasmin Ouschan, who bested Stepanov as well!! (Mosconi Cup in 2011?)

This German Pool Open was as jam packed as one could expect. Germany was the first European nation to embrace pool and Billiards, as in the 70’s the United States flew in B52’s full of Brunswick tables to supply the Germany-based American soldiers with a quality pastime. From there the game has first trickled allover Germany, then Europe. There are many billiard players in Germany, so the best fifty-five that entered this tournament really upgraded the average level of play. The number of participants totaled two hundred-fifty-five players from over thirty-six countries. A good win for Thomas Engert, especially after an undoubtedly disappointing transatlantic tour (World Pool Masters and Predator International 10-ball Championships in Las Vegas).

The last thirty-two players started on Saturday morning. The German domination of the field was clearly present with seven players ready for action on Saturday morning. But the British pool players did surpass them though. With nine players in the last thirty-two the UK is really taking over control on the mainland; more so, when one realizes that they have had multiple winners in the past three years: Imran Majid, Jonni Fulcher, Daryl Peach, Mark Grey, Darren Appleton and maybe we can count Tony Drago (as a London-based Maltese). Would Karl Boyes, bronze medalist in the most recent World Championships claim his place in the British winners circle?

Karl fell prey to Engert in the semi-finals, just as Daryl Peach in the first round on Saturday. Karl looked very good in the quarters, where he beat Nick Van Den Berg with 9-7; in the last sixteen Nick handed a donut to Jonni Fulcher! Markus Juva, previous winner of the Austrian edition, reached the semi-final after outing Ralph Souquet and German dark horse Sacha Tege. He fell short against Fabio Petroni though. Petroni was playing hard troughout the whole tournament, never taking anything for granted and really seemed to be on track towards his third Euro-win.

Alas, he has to wait until the next Pool Tour event in Rankweil, Austria. The final was all Thomas Engert, one-way-traffic, a one-man show, a monologue, Thomas was ‘the Meister’.

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Engert Wins Challenge of Champions

August 3rd, 2009


Thomas Engert, one of Germany’s most decorated pro pool players over the past 25 years, finally made his presence felt on the international stage by beating countryman Thorsten Hohmann in straight sets, 5-2, 5-2, to win the Challenge of Champions at the Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino in Uncasville, Conn., Thursday night. The 38-year-old from Duren picked up the $50,000 as champion in the 14th running of the $50,000 winner-takes-all tournament.

Engert, the holder of more than 30 German national titles and a dozen European championships, controlled both sets with crisp shot-making and several fortuitous kick shots. Engert led from the start in both sets, forging a 4-1 lead in the first, and winning the last three racks in the second.

Hohmann, the 25-year-old former world champion, never got untracked against his longtime friend and frequent rival.

With Hohmann, Oliver Ortmann and Ralf Souquet all claiming world crowns for Germany, the Challenge of Champions title finally gave Engert hardware and a payday that matched his compatriots.

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Thomas Bio

August 3rd, 2009

Thomas Engert is a German professional pool player. Engert won the 2004 International Challenge of Champions beating fellow German Thorsten Hohmann in the finals. When he returned to the tournament one year later, Engert was close to winning it for the second consective time but Chao Fong-pang, who was then the two-time winner of the event, defeated him in the finals.

Also in 2004, Engert won the World Pool Masters Tournament over another fellow German, Oliver Ortmann.

In the 2006 World Straight Pool Championship, Engert made his way into the final but loss to Thorsten Hohmann by a score of 200-80. In 2007, Engert won the World Pool Masters for the second time. This included him with Francisco Bustamante and Ralf Souquet who won the event more than once.

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