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Thomas Engert in World Ten-Ball Championship on November 25th

Thomas Engert pool cue player along with a 128 pool cue players from more than 46 countries have their participation in the 2nd World Ten Ball Championship on 25-30 November in Manila confirmed confirmed. What is the hardest tournament of the year, “said Yen Makabenta, president of Raya Sports, the organizer of the WTBC.

All the best players in the competition, each large central pool in the world have a quota, and all the nationals and The regional winners will be there. With regard to the bowl of 128 players, the remaining 10 seats are filled with more than 130 players in the playoffs yesterday WTBC Star Billiards Center in Quezon City, the challenge begins. Unlike last year, the WTBC it 2 a case of all men, and similar Ouschan of Austria, the waves in the last year to play well against the men lost.

From next year, players now have their own-10 World Cup ball. Leading the world the stars performances will be given 10-Ball champion Darren Appleton pool cue player, Great Britain, No. 1 in the world today, Ralf Souquet pool cue player of Germany, and recently crowned U.S. Open champion and winner in 2009 Money Leaders Mika Immonen pool cue player of Finland. But it A lot of challenges, including the Philippines.

The event is a total pot of $ 262,000. Appleton also members of the British contingent are: 2007 World 9-Ball Champion Daryl Peach a great pool cue player and Imran Majid pool cue player Scott Higgins pool cue player, Craig Osborne pool cue player, Karl Boyes and Jonni Fulcher both great pool cue player, Richard Jones, Phil and Chris Melling Burford. Souquet, 2008 world champion and gold medal from the 8-ball in the world Olympics, which the 9-man German contingent. The other is the former world champion Thorsten Hohmann and Oliver Ortmann, Thomas Engert, Marko Vogel, Christoph Reintjes, Ralf mouth, and Benjamin Zobrekis Klaus Heimmerer.

The U.S. quota of nine players are open and decorated former U.S. Predator 10-Ball Champion Shane Van Boening, former world champion Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Stevie Moore, Charlie Bryant, Shaun Wilkie, Charlie Williams, Shawn Putnam and Oscar Dominguez. Chinese Taipei nine players in the first two terrible time in the World 9-Ball Champion Chao Fong Pang pool cue player, money-DO King Yang Ching-shun LEDs shown, twice world junior champion Ko Pin-Yi Chang pool cue player and pool cue player Yu-Lung.

To see the measures Kuo Po-Cheng, Cheng-Tsung Hua Lu Hui-Chan, Che-Lee and Wang Wei Hung-Hsiang. Mexico for the hosting of this website were 11 players. They are led by Jeffrey de Luna (No. 7 in the world ranking), Demosthenes Pulpul (No. 8) The former world no. 1 Dennis Orcullo pool cue player, the reigning world champion, and Warren Kiamco the brand on an international activist Lee Van Corteza and pool cue player Marlon Manalo.

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